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Unblocking Toilets & Toilet Repairs

It's an unpleasant situation but we've all experienced a blocked toilet that is overflowing or will not flush. Toilets usually become blocked due to too much toilet paper or heavy loads attempting to travel down the pan. If you have a blocked toilet, do not flush it.

Clearing A Blocked Toilet

You can try to plunge your blocked toilet to clear the pipes.

If this fails, it may be that you have blocked toilet drains. You'll need to have the chamber checked which can be found by lifting the nearest drain inspection cover. If there is no visible blockage, it is likely bolcked between the toilet pan and the chamber.

Failing these methods, you might want to try using toilet unblocking chemicals available from your local DIY store.

The guidance above should be carried out with extreme care.  If you experience problems then we have a toilet repairs engineer specialising in unblocking toilets, local to you.

Call Unblock on 020 8798 0202 now to get your blocked toilet unblocked today.

Our engineer is fully trained and experienced to have your blocked toilet working again in no time. We work with the minimum of fuss and we apply strict standards in accordance with current health and safety legislation.