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CCTV Drainage Survey

Your drain blockage, subsidence or damp patches may be due to a problem going on with your drains that you cannot see. You might have a cracked or dislodged drain pipe, there may be a problem with scaling of the drain pipes or something else that only a camera survey can see.

If there are trees close to your property or to a property you are thinking of buying, the roots could be causing extensive damage caused by root intrusion.

We can use our CCTV camera to detect any such problems and if nessessary clean your drains and repair your drains. We can also arrange a full survey for you which will show the layout of both the foul and rainwater drains to the main sewer system. It will show any defects and come with recommendations for repair.

To book a CCTV drainage survey or for us to diagnose a drainage problem for you, please call Unblock on 020 8798 0202 and we can send one of our CCTV drainage survey engineers out to you today.